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Tanaka-san is an online store offering all the popular Japanese products. Anime goods are the heart of Japanese culture and our extensive shop export a vast stock of all the anime Goods. We pride ourselves to provide the best quality items of anime and deals amazing prices to our customers. So you can buy Anime goods online from Japan at a lower amount of import fees.

We are one of the largest Japanese online shops. We have almost everything you might want, from the Japan stores. On our website, you will be able to find all sorts of interesting, unique, and strange things, including anime goods. We shipped hundreds of thousands of anime goods around the globe. This makes us one of the leading Japanese online stores for all popular anime items and Japanese products.

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Shopping from any Japanese online store can prove to be frustrating because Japanese store requires a verified and local Japanese address. You can choose our service to shop at any toy, games, beauty products, clothes, and many more products. We make your shopping experience hassle-free. Once you’re ordered to our website, we choose the right products and check the condition of every single item before we send it to you.

With our years of experience, we sell for our Japanese anime goods are suitable for not only for individuals but also for reseller. We can happy to assist you and make your experience memorable.

If you order multiple anime items from our online shop this saves a lot of money.  Also, our qualified team participates in Japanese auction and bid behalf on yourself. Moreover, we can help you buy from thousands of Japanese stores so you will be able to own the best anime products.


Most importantly, we provide the best discounts and offer almost all the unique products you want to buy from Japan. Your favorite things from our online shop are not just unique, but also of better quality than the other websites. More than this, you can even see the images of items to our website so that make the final decision. That’ why our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing quality service and fair prices in the market. We will ship anime goods from Japan straight to your doorstep. So if you’re someone who looks to buy anime goods that are not well known but want to buy, you may be able to find it on our website. We are the easiest way to get any anime goods from Japan.

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